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We are inspired by the creativity, flexibility, and resilience of the child care community. We have compiled a few resources to assist in your efforts.

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A Letter to Our Members 06/24/2020

At Go NAPSACC, we value the diversity of children, families, and staff involved in childcare programs. Today’s events remind us that there is more to do. We pledge to be part of local and national solutions where everyone feels supported.
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NAPSACC Receives National Recognition 05/24/2019

According to a recent Healthy Eating Research brief, the NAPSACC program offers the "best evidence for impact on early childhood obesity risk among interventions specifically targeted to children under five", and if it were implemented through state Quality Rating and Improvement Systems, it could result in 38,000 fewer cases of childhood obesity by 2025.
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The Growth of NAPSACC Nation 01/17/2019

The Children’s Healthy Weight Research Group, part of the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, is excited to announce that eight new states are joining the Go NAPSACC program, which promotes best practices in healthy eating and physical activity for early childhood care and education programs. Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, and Texas have joined 12 existing states. To accommodate the program’s expansion, the Go NAPSACC team has redesigned its website, which offers a web-based toolkit for child care providers based on the latest research and guidelines in the field. To date, the program has been implemented by 1,500 child care programs serving 73,000 children.
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Go NAPSACC Helps Bring Fresh and Local Foods to Child Care 03/13/2018

Starting in March 2018, Go NAPSACC will offer new resources that will incorporate the elements of farm-to-table eating. Eating fresh local foods helps young children develop an appreciation for healthy eating that can last a lifetime. Early care and education programs are ideal places to introduce young children to fresh local foods. Farm-to-ECE (Early Care and Education) is a natural extension of the existing resources providing further support for healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children.
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