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Digging Deeper - Beat the Heat with Safe Summer Outdoor Play & Learning 07/10/2024

While summer is a great time for outdoor play, it also brings high temperatures that can become harmful. Extreme heat can affect children's health and development, and low-income communities and people of color may experience greater exposure to extreme heat. Click read more to learn about disparities in heat exposure and how you can ensure safe outdoor play for the children in your ECE program.
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Go NAPSACC Nation Advisory Group - 2024 Minutes 06/19/2024

Go NAPSACC’s Nation Advisory Group (NAG) continues its work in 2024, with the goals of increasing access and equitable use of Go NAPSACC, keeping the team informed and grounded in the realities of implementation, bringing representative stakeholders to the table to help influence Go NAPSACC's future direction, and improving communication between states that use Go NAPSACC. NAG participants will continue to have more opportunities to present to the group and hold leadership roles. For access to the 2024 meeting minutes and materials, click Read More.
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Digging Deeper - ECE Program Gardens 04/12/2024

Gardening helps teach children responsibility and promotes physical activity and outdoor experiences that support children’s health and development. However, not all children have access to outdoor spaces like gardens to learn and play. Click read more to learn about disparities in access to ECE program gardens and how ECE programs can help bridge these gaps.
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