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Go NAPSACC Launches Build the Skills with Be Active Kids® 04/13/2023

As Go NAPSACC grows, we are excited to announce our new Build the Skills physical activity training resources! Go NAPSACC has partnered with Be Active Kids, an award-winning physical activity resource for consultants working with ECE programs. Its evidence-based and evidence-informed messages are carried out through five cuddly and adventurous characters. The Build the Skills Training and Movement Guide help build the skills of child care providers in the area of Infant and Child Physical Activity.
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Go NAPSACC’s Nation Advisory Group (NAG) continues its work in 2023, with the goals of increasing access and equitable use of Go NAPSACC, keeping the team informed and grounded in the realities of implementation, bringing representative stakeholders to the table to help influence Go NAPSACC's future direction, and improving communication between states that use Go NAPSACC. NAG participants will continue to have more opportunities to present to the group and hold leadership roles. For access to the 2023 meeting minutes and materials, click Read More.
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Go NAPSACC in the Spectrum of Opportunities 09/29/2022

Using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Spectrum of Opportunities framework, Go NAPSACC has developed the “Go NAPSACC in the Spectrum of Opportunities”, a graphic demonstrating states efforts to implement the program in all nine spectrum opportunities.
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Better Together Learning Collaboratives Launch in Go NAPSACC Consultant Resources 09/08/2022

Better Together, an integrated initiative by Nemours Children’s Health System and UNC Children’s Healthy Weight Research Group, launches online learning collaboratives materials available in Go NAPSACC’s Consultant Resources. Starting in September 2022, learning collaboratives will be available for the Breastfeeding & Infant Feeding, Child Nutrition, Infant & Child Physical Activity, and Screen Time modules. These materials (PowerPoint slides, Resource Guides and Implementation Toolkit) are free to any Go NAPSACC contracted state. To learn more about the learning collaboratives, click Read More.
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Go NAPSACC Impact Stories 05/18/2022

The Go NAPSACC Team is always eager to hear how using Go NAPSACC has impacted a child care program, community, organization, or state. Read all the success stories that are shared by our providers across states.
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