Go NAPSACC At a Glance

As a team of researchers and public health professionals, we know that early childhood is our best chance to not only prevent many health problems, but also to tackle current health disparities. Habits are formed during these early years, including those around food, physical activity, and other health behaviors. In our aim to improve the health of young children, we recognize the importance of engaging the child care community at the state, consultant, and provider levels. Go NAPSACC provides free and easy-to-use online tools and resources like videos, activities, and flyers. Our resources are rooted in two decades of research and evolve to meet the latest research, guidelines, and needs of ECE programs.

Go NAPSACC currently serves 22 participating states, over 9,600 registered programs, and has reached over 485,000 children. View Go NAPSACC At a Glance below to learn more about Go NAPSACC’s 5-step improvement process, reach, account features, resources, history, and more!

Download Go NAPSACC At a Glance here.

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