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Go NAPSACC National Advisory Group - 2021 Minutes 12/01/2021

Go NAPSACC created a National Advisory Group in 2021, with the goals of increasing access and equitable use of Go NAPSACC, keeping the team informed and grounded in the reality of implementation, bringing representative stakeholders to the table to help influence Go NAPSACC’s future direction, and to increase communication between states utilizing Go NAPSACC. For access to the 2021 meeting minutes and materials, click Read More.
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A Letter to Our Members 06/24/2020

At Go NAPSACC, we value the diversity of children, families, and staff involved in childcare programs. Today’s events remind us that there is more to do. We pledge to be part of local and national solutions where everyone feels supported.
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NAPSACC Receives National Recognition 05/24/2019

According to a recent Healthy Eating Research brief, the NAPSACC program offers the "best evidence for impact on early childhood obesity risk among interventions specifically targeted to children under five", and if it were implemented through state Quality Rating and Improvement Systems, it could result in 38,000 fewer cases of childhood obesity by 2025.
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