What We Do

As a team of researchers and public health professionals, we know that early childhood is our best chance to not only prevent many health problems, but also to tackle current health disparities. Habits are formed during these early years, including those around food, physical activity, and other health behaviors. In our aim to improve the health of young children across the nation we recognize the importance of engaging the child care community, as these programs provide a foundation for healthy child development.

Go NAPSACC works with child care providers to improve the health of young children through practices, policies, and environments that instill habits supporting lifelong health and well-being. We offer modules on key topics like healthy eating, physical activity, and oral health.

As of March 2024, 11,700 child care programs serving over 699,000 children have used Go NAPSACC.

Go NAPSACC is designed with the child care provider in mind. The flexible program allows providers to focus on any of seven modules. The 5 steps of Go NAPSACC help child care providers prioritize, plan, and take action to make healthy changes.

Although child care providers can use Go NAPSACC on their own, there is no match for the expert, personalized support from a technical assistance (TA) consultant. Go NAPSACC offers online tools for TA consultants that make it easier than ever to connect with child care providers, coach them through the 5 Steps of Go NAPSACC, and track progress and success.

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