Go NAPSACC in the Spectrum of Opportunities

Using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Spectrum of Opportunities framework, Go NAPSACC has developed the “Go NAPSACC in the Spectrum of Opportunities”, a graphic demonstrating states efforts to implement the program in all nine spectrum opportunities. The Spectrum of Opportunities framework presents opportunities aimed at creating systems-level change by integrating obesity-prevention programming standards and early care and education (ECE) provider support into a state’s existing ECE systems. These nine distinct and synergistic approaches have the potential to make ECE settings less obesogenic through state level efforts:

1) licensing and administrative regulations,

2) the United States Department of Agriculture Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP),

3) quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS),

4) ECE funding streams,

5) pre-service and professional development,

6) statewide technical assistance networks,

7) statewide access initiatives,

8) early learning standards, and

9) statewide recognition and facility-level intervention programs.

Each opportunity, or approach, contains a set of sub-options, or strategies a state can pursue based on their dynamic needs, goals, and partnerships as well as staffing and financial resources. The purpose of graphic is to explain how Go NAPSACC, an online evidence-based health promotion intervention for ECE settings, has been successfully integrated into participating state’s obesity-prevention implementation for other states to explore further opportunities to use Go NAPSACC within the Spectrum of Opportunities framework.

Click here to view Go NAPSACC in the Spectrum of Opportunities graphic.  

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