TA Consultant & State Partner Tools

Connect with Child Care Programs

TA consultants can locate and connect with their local child care programs using Go NAPSACC’s user-friendly Connections dashboard. Through this dashboard, TA consultants can find local child care providers, invite them to connect, and then track providers’ progress as they work together.

Track Programs' Activities and Assess Needs

Through the My Programs dashboard, TA consultants view the most recent Go NAPSACC activities of their connected child care providers. TA consultants can quickly identify providers who have not had any recent activity and may need additional support. They can also see which goals providers are working toward and offer them goal-specific assistance. TA consultants can also make notes about their efforts to provide technical assistance. Streamlining this tracking process saves time and lets TA consultants reach more programs and focus their efforts where they are most needed.

Guide Programs Using Tips & Materials Library

Our tips and materials library offers a variety of resources TA consultants can use to work with child care providers to meet Go NAPSACC’s best practices. The library offers how-to guides, staff educational materials, classroom activities, and parent communications. Many of these resources are also available in Spanish.

Monitor Programs’ Success

The Go NAPSACC reporting tool helps TA consultants and state partners track and report on the progress of participating programs. With just a few clicks, the tool creates customized reports showing how local child care programs’ practices compare to Go NAPSACC best practice standards and improvements made over time.

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