Go NAPSACC Research Infographics

Go NAPSACC is rooted in two decades of research on improving the health of young children by supporting early care and education (ECE) practices, policies, and environments.

Our team of researchers and public health professionals work to evaluate Go NAPSACC’s effectiveness and implementation. This makes sure our tools and resources are rooted in the latest evidence. It also helps identify strategies for improvement for Go NAPSACC and our users.

Go NAPSACC created infographics to share our findings with early childhood educators, consultants, state partners, and researchers. The graphics summarize key points from Go NAPSACC’s research and explain how you can apply them to maximize your work with Go NAPSACC.

Read below to learn more about enhancing your work with Go NAPSACC and building healthy habits in ECE!

Go NAPSACC Implementation & Integration

Access the paper here.

Making Go NAPSACC Work: Programs at Risk

Making Go NAPSACCC Works: Programs at Risk Infographic

Access the paper here.

Go NAPSACC Early Childhood Educator Trainings

Go NAPSACC Early Childhood Educator Trainings Infographic

Access the paper here.

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