Go NAPSACC Launches Build the Skills with Be Active KidsĀ®

Go NAPSACC is a free easy-to-use online tool for ECE programs interested in building healthy eating and physical activity habits in children. Go NAPSACC is based on a set of evidence-based practices — recommendations that stem from the latest research and guidelines in the field. Programs use Go NAPSACC to improve their practices, policies, and environments to meet these evidence-based practices. Consultants support ECE programs in their quality improvement process.

Go NAPSACC currently serves 22 participating states, over 9,000 registered programs, and has reached 494,000 children.Our reach is still growing!

As Go NAPSACC grows, we are excited to announce our new Build the Skills physical activity training resources! Go NAPSACC has partnered with Be Active Kids, an award-winning physical activity resource for consultants working with ECE programs. Its evidence-based and evidence-informed messages are carried out through five cuddly and adventurous characters. The Build the Skills Training and Movement Guide helps build the skills of child care providers in the area of  Infant and Child Physical Activity.

Build the Skills increases comfort and confidence in teacher-led physical activity that is appropriate for young children. It also provides access to FREE instructional materials in the areas of motor skill development, health related fitness, play, and nature. Be Active Kids can be easily integrated into ongoing Go NAPSACC processes by incorporating it into programs’ action planning and education and professional development opportunities.

Add Be Active Kids to your Go NAPSACC Consultant Certification and gain access to new physical activity training resources:

  • 3 provider training sessions to offer in your community
  • Access to Be Active Kids activity videos that demonstrate effective adult-led activities
  • Access to the Movement Guide, offering developmentally appropriate physical activities

How to get started with Build the Skills:

  1. Become a certified Go NAPSACC Consultant by completing the Consultant Training.
  2. Log into your Consultant account and go to the Provider Trainings section and click the Infant and Child Physical Activity tab.
  3. Complete Step 1: Be Active Kids Certification in the Build the Skills section.
  4. Start delivering the training to your child care programs!

Email GoNAPSACC@unc.edu with any questions about the Build the Skills Certification, Be Active Kids, or delivering the training in your ECE program(s).

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