Go NAPSACC Impact Stories

  • Turning the Program with Nature and Curriculum based on healthy habits (Fall 2021)
    " Ever since my first Go NAPSACC self-assessment, I have been continuously working on improving my program to encourage healthy eating and physical activity. Using the self-assessments plus an array of other resources, I have been able to turn my program into an amazing program with nature, and healthy habits being my main curriculum focus…My preschoolers get physical activity that exceeds the daily amount for their age at my facility, as well as eating healthy snacks and meals daily. I just recently started a cooking class in my program so my preschoolers can help make their healthy snacks and lunches. I am always eager to learn more and bring the knowledge into my program." - Lindsey Brown, Brown Family Childcare, LLC, Pennsylvania


  • Taking pledge to introduce children to local foods after using Go NAPSACC learning self-assessments (Spring 2021)
    " My husband and I run a family childcare in southern Maine. We made the commitment to Maine’s pilot ECE to farm program which uses Go NAPSACC for the learning assignments and assessment. When taking the course, we made a pledge to introduce the children in our care to local foods. We have done this in multiple ways. We join a local CSA which will provide fresh fruits and vegetables from late May through October that we plan to serve to the children as often as possible either with meals or snacks. Being part of the CCFP (Catholic Charities Food Program) fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods and milk are key parts of every meal. Our CSA farm also encourages field trips to visit the gardens and orchards throughout the seasons. In addition to the CSA, we have planted blueberry bushes, a raised bed of strawberries as well as started introducing the children to the process of planting seeds and caring for a raised bed of vegetables in hopes of teaching them more about locally grown foods." - Margo and Mark Baker, Giggling Goose Child Care, Maine


  • Implementing Go NAPSACC to ensure a successful outcome (Spring 2021)
    "Go NAPSACC is a wonderful tool, I like having the guidance to create and then implement a direct plan and have the tools at my fingertips to support needed to bring the plan to life. It’s easy to maneuver and to go back and recheck or edit the goals or steps along the way to ensure a successful outcome. From day one not only have I been excited about this project, but I have been able to draw in my older kiddos to be part of the project and help make plans and why started out as something small has grown into a much bigger and more exciting project. I look forward to looking further into what Go NAPSACC has to offer." - Penni Theriault, Lots of Tots Child Care, Maine


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