A Letter to Our Members

Dear NAPSACC Nation:

The Go NAPSACC team believes in the worth and value of all people. We are sorry it took recent acts of violence against Black Americans to force us to look closely at racism that exists everywhere. At the same time, we remain hopeful that the attention to these issues will help move our country forward. We want to eliminate discrimination towards people of color, and to all persons regardless of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or religion.

At Go NAPSACC, we value the diversity of children, families, and staff involved in childcare programs. Today’s events remind us that there is more to do. We pledge to be part of local and national solutions where everyone feels supported.

As we move forward, we know we don't have all the answers. In fact, we don't even know all of the right questions to ask. We invite you to provide your thoughts, questions, ideas on how we can make Go NAPSACC better for all children and communities. Please share your thoughts at gonapsacc@unc.edu

This will require careful review—and possible revision—of our internal priorities and practices, as well as the resources and assistance we give the childcare community. Going forward, we want our work to help reduce health disparities. We know this won’t be easy, but we look forward to engaging with new partners who can bring fresh eyes and skills to our work.

We hope NAPSACC’s renewed commitment helps give all children the chance to thrive, to learn, and to reach their full potential.

Dianne S. Ward and the Go NAPSACC Team

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