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When registering for the Go NAPSACC program, individuals must provide some contact and demographic information about themselves and/or their child care programs. Secure encryption of the site helps to ensure that information provided during the registration process is not accessed by third parties. Go NAPSACC stores the information that users provide in the self-assessment and action planning online tools. Additionally, dates and times that users access online tools are recorded. This information is never sold or shared for commercial purposes. Go NAPSACC staff members have access to this information, and may use it in reports, presentations, and publications about the program. In public presentations and publications, individual users will never be personally identified by name or location, and other personally identifiable information will be removed to preserve anonymity. However, personally identifiable information may be shared with trained technical assistance professionals registered as "Go NAPSACC Consultants" and relevant state agencies and other partners for the purpose of tracking participation in state or local Go NAPSACC initiatives, providing tailored technical assistance to registered Go NAPSACC users, and assessing the impact of Go NAPSACC

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