Early Care and Education Programs

Why should I use Go NAP SACC?

If you want your program to offer the best when it comes to nutrition and physical activity, Go NAP SACC is the tool for you. Go NAP SACC provides a 5 step process with detailed guidance to improve nutrition and physical activity practices, policies, and environments. It’s flexible, so you can choose the goals that you would like to achieve. And, since it’s online, you can work at your own pace. Go NAP SACC also provides a big collection of materials to help you meet your Go NAP SACC goals. You’ll find family handouts, lessons, and activity ideas all in one place.

What are the Go NAP SACC best practices?

The Go NAP SACC best practices are recommendations for how early care and education programs can encourage healthy eating and physical activity in young children. In doing so, programs can help reduce childhood obesity. These best practices are based on the most recent research and guidelines in the field.

How can using Go NAP SACC help with my program’s quality rating?

Go NAP SACC targets some of the same criteria on the environmental rating scales used in determining star ratings in North Carolina. For example, Go NAP SACC can show you how to improve your meal and snack time routines, active play spaces and equipment, and teacher and staff practices to encourage kids to eat healthy and be active.

How long does it take to complete Go NAP SACC?

Go NAP SACC is a tool in your toolbox for improving nutrition and physical activity offerings. Each program will use it in their own way to meet their unique goals. Working through the Go NAP SACC 5 Steps, you will start to see improvements within 3 to 6 months. These improvements will build as you continue to use the program.

NAP SACC is a continuous process. After you finish a set of goals, we suggest that you retake the self-assessment. This way, you can see the progress you’ve made and get inspired to restart the 5 Steps with a new set of goals.

Which self-assessment should I start with?

We suggest taking one or two self-assessments at a time—not all five. After you take one self-assessment, you can start planning for healthy changes in that specific area. This will give you a strong focus to help you succeed.

When deciding where to start, consider the tips below:

  • Try to identify the focus areas that best fit your program’s mission and overall goals.
  • Think about which areas you, your teachers, staff, and family members are most interested in improving. The enthusiasm and support of the group will help you reach your nutrition and physical activity goals.
  • Child Nutrition and Infant & Child Physical Activity are the core areas of the original NAP SACC. If you are new to making these kinds of changes, starting with these areas will provide a strong foundation.