Providing Technical Assistance

Go NAP SACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care) is an online tool to help early care and education programs improve their nutrition and physical activity practices. Although Go NAP SACC is designed to allow programs to participate independently, there is no match for the expert, personalized support of a technical assistance (TA) professional. Go NAP SACC will offer online tools that make it easier than ever for TA professionals to coach early care and education programs through the 5 Steps of Go NAP SACC and track their progress and success. Read below to see how Go NAP SACC can support you in your work to improve children’s health.

Go NAP SACC Tools for Technical Assistance Providers

Go NAP SACC includes specially designed tools and resources to help you stay up to date with the activities and needs of your child care programs.

Management tool: *Coming Soon!* Helping early care and education programs make progress with Go NAP SACC takes time, and we know you are busy. Our Go NAP SACC management tool will help you keep track of your participating programs. With one click, you can create a report summarizing where your child care programs stand compared to the Go NAP SACC best practices. You can also look at more detailed information about each program to see their recent Go NAP SACC activities and make notes about your consultation appointments. Having this tracking process streamlined allows you to reach more programs in less time and focus your efforts on the programs or topic areas that need the most support.

Tips & Materials Library: This online database of documents and videos provides materials to help early care and education providers reach all of the Go NAP SACC best practices. Like a virtual technical assistance manual, this library includes tips and ideas that you can refer to and use in your work.

Go NAP SACC Consultant Training: Go NAP SACC hopes to offer training to help you build expertise in early childhood nutrition and physical activity and in using our tools. Stay tuned for more information!

How Technical Assistance Providers Can Succeed With Go NAP SACC

Technical Assistance Providers have an important role to play with Go NAP SACC. Technical assistance providers can:

Spread the word
As a knowledgeable TA professional, child care providers look to you for useful tools and resources. Many providers are interested in improving their nutrition and physical activity practices, and Go NAP SACC is the perfect tool to share.

Help providers use Go NAP SACC
Learning how to use a new program can seem scary to some child care providers. It can be very helpful to walk providers through Go NAP SACC’s self-assessment and action planning tools. Doing so, you will be able to clarify self-assessment questions, and lend expert guidance as providers choose goals and write action plans. Using Go NAP SACC together, particularly the first time through, can boost providers’ confidence taking on future goals.

Connect early care and education programs to community resources
You know your local community best. Linking early care and education programs with helpful local organizations is a key form of support you can provide.

Help providers celebrate their accomplishments
Your encouragement and guidance is important for providers as they work on their action plans and overcome challenges to reaching their goals. Celebrate all successes during this process – however small or great. Once providers have met goals in one area, encourage them to identify new goals and continue making improvements.

In 2015, Go NAP SACC’s online tools were released for technical assistance and early childhood professionals in North Carolina. If you are interested in bringing Go NAPSACC to your state or region, please visit our contact us page or email for more information. In the meantime, take a look at our downloadable materials, and keep track of our progress on Facebook!